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We build a new type of power plants that are small scale, quick to build, and create a short distance between energy generation and consumption.

It reduces grid and transmission limitations, allows for utilising urban or industrial areas — and of course, it’s renewable. This technology is available today – and it’s called distributed energy generation.

Norhybrid provides the full set of hardware and software needed to set up a power plant — on a small scale.

This consists of three main parts: Wind turbines, solar panels and a battery. Plus the necessary control units to make sure they work together. Depending on your needs, we can provide the full set or just one of the components.


The benefits of our hybrid energy production system are many. Power can be produced at night, when the wind is blowing but the sun is gone. During winter, when there is less sun, there is more wind.


However, you cannot choose when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. That’s why we add a battery installation as part of the setup. This allows you to save the surplus power you produce for later, or even buy from the grid when power is cheap.

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What makes Norhybrid special is not just that our products allow for power production in urban and industrial areas, but also that we have developed our own wind turbine.


The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine created by Norhybrid is a central piece of our strategy. It is small (~15 metres in height), nearly noiseless, omnidirectional and due to its small footprint it can be fitted in clusters. This allows for a much better energy yield of an area already dedicated to solar panels.

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