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Be powerful. On your own. With Hybrid.

Harness the wind, empower your future. Enter your address below to calculate your potential wind energy output.

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kg CO2 emissions saved by our hybrid powerplants since August 2023

We are facing an energy crisis

The economy will suffocate if we can’t get more energy. But the energy sources of today are ruining nature.

This is happening today. 


So, how do we ensure jobs for everyone without destroying our own habitat?


The hurdles


Traditional power plants are big and take a long time to build.


Large renewable plants face public objections because of their footprint in nature.


The grid can’t handle demand for interconnectivity of renewables.


Fuel is a major cost driver for energy – renewables are free, forever.


Solar and wind are sporadic energy sources, often misaligned with demand peak times.







Think small and local!

Distributed energy generation is:
Small scale, quick to build, short distance between energy generation and consumption.

It´s four most positive outcomes means:

  • Avoiding grid and transmission limitations.

  • Utilize rural, urban or industrial areas. 

  • Batteries that reduce the irregularity of wind and solar power.

  • The technology is available today – and it’s renewable.

Our solution

Renewable energy – produced where it is consumed:

We make small scale hybrid energy parks with wind, solar and battery components. 


Their main advantages:

  • Flexible, modular solutions tailored to customer requirements.

  • Perfect fit for rural, urban and industrial applications.

  • Technology which controls when to use, save, sell or
    buy from the grid.

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) technology.


Working with the best partners

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