20. December 2020

Norhybrid Renewables plans to establish a 1 MW low footprint hybrid park in Milewo north of Warsaw, Poland based on photovoltaic solar energy and Norhybrid's cluster wind turbine solution for power supply. The energy park will be able to deliver locally produced new renewable energy to customers north of central Warsaw.

9. December 2020

Norhybrid Renewables planning on behalf of smarthotel the possibility of establishment of new renewable energy in connection with Smarthotel's 5 locations in Norway. The purpose is to establish hybrid energy based on photovoltaic energy and Norhybrid's wind turbine solution for power supply summer and winter.

norwegian-energy-solutions red.png

19. November 2020

Norhybrid Renewables has been admitted as a member of Norwegian Energy Solutions (NES) in Stavanger, Norway. The cluster aims to create an internationally leading and competitive energy cluster by further developing, as well as restructuring, the existing oil and gas industry with a renewable energy sector.

28. August 2020

Norhybrid Renewables is developing a very robust, lightweight vertical-axis 4,5 kW wind turbine under the brand NorthernWind. We belive is one of the most high-performance wind turbine in its class.


Placed closely together they could produce 10 times more power from the same area as conventional big wind turbines.

20. August 2020

Norhybrid Renewables has been associated with Proventia on Herøya in Porsgrunn, one of Norway's largest industrial parks with an emphasis on green and climate-friendly technology.

28. May 2020

Norhybrid Renewables AS is estalished with the aim of developing and establishing renewable energy and technology solutions in a sustainable way to meet the impending environmental and climate challenges.