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Setting up a power plant is more than just piecing together the hardware. In fact, the process starts long before any construction is done. If you are considering green energy production on your land, you need to make a set of choices for your specific needs. 

What are the right technical solutions, how will the financial estimates look and not to mention which permits will you have to apply for? How do you combine options to create the setup that is right for you? All of these are questions that Norhybrid can help you answer.

In addition to providing hardware, we also deliver a full set of services from evaluating possibilities to handing over the ready plant to a new owner. From analysing sun and wind conditions, designing a system, applying for permits to project management through the entire engineering and construction process.

These are some of our core services:

Planning phase:

1 / Modelling and simulation

2 / Solutions analysis
3 / Permit and application consulting

Construction phase:

1 / Project management

2 / Engineering
3 / Construction through our trusted installation partners

4 / Commissioning, handover to owner

Our own simulation system

Norhybrid is developing a flexible and modular simulation platform that enables us to generate a digital twin of any planned or existing customer plant. It can simulate typical days throughout the year with real weather and consumption data​. This allows us to simulate operational scenarios with value generation and detailed economics.​

It even lets us analyse typical or extraordinary time spans under different economic frame conditions (electricity cost)​. Thus you can evaluate optimal Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) configurations, and even assess fault conditions for operational safety, risk assessments etc.​


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